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Got to the heart of the matter

Coaching with Stas is liking having a laser beam of loving truth help you get to the very heart of whatever you’re struggling with. He provides a beautiful Balance of fierce love, humor, and calling forth. Thank you Stas for helping me navigate through some challenging times with grace, clear boundaries and celebration!

Tina Meyers, Intuitive Coach and Feminine Leadership Facilitator

I was able to create a more balanced life and become a better leader for my team.

Stas helped me see my blind spots that kept me from moving forward in my business. I was able to create a more balanced life and become a better leader for my team. Really a life changer and I strongly recommend Stas if you're looking to become a better version of yourself. He's a great coach to work with and he really cares about what he's doing. A rare find!

Peter Santenello, Entrepreneur and Vloger

Stas's coaching is like none other I have experienced.

Damn, my hypno-coaching session with Stas was incredible! He took my intention and led me on a journey, I didn't know I needed. The session led to insights that are changing my thoughts, mindsets, and future. The session was so insightful and the revelations kept coming for days after.

I am so grateful I met Stas and did a session. His coaching is like none other I have experienced. The combo of Co-Active coaching with NLP and hypnosis is a trifecta. I can see myself reaching out to him when I am stuck and unsure of the cause to unlock my next season.

CJ, Entrepreneur and Creator of Colibri Collective

If you're looking for transformation, Stas is your man!

Stas is my go-to coach for getting out of a rut, shifting from anxiety into personal power, and getting out of my head and into the present moment. He has an amazing talent for seeing the truth of who I am beyond the challenges of my circumstance; and calling me forth to claim my place as a leader.

Stas has been an indispensable coach in my own journey to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and CTI Leadership grad, always challenging me to dream bigger and create the life and business I want. Plus, he brings a great sense of humor and compassionate heart to everything he does. If you want to reach your next level of leadership, hire Stas.

Kirsten Incorvaia,
Creativity and Leadership Coach

Stas invites us to be leaders in our world.

Stas Gromin is a game changer. He leads with a depth of passion, integrity, and intuition that creates a powerful impact around him. I’ve had the honor of working with him through an intensive year-long leadership program. He’s consistently helped me develop insight into myself, choose more empowering perspectives, and tap into my inner courage. Stas invites us to be leaders in our world. And he shows us how.

Trina Hamilton, Owner & Principal Consultant
at NameTrina Hamilton Leadership, Inc.

This man has an unforgettable presence!

If you are hoping to work with an individual where excellence, integrity and talent collide! Then look no further. I have had the sheer pleasure and honor to work with Stas for the past year and I am continually awe struck. This man has an unforgettable presence. His focus, intuition and understanding of what is needed in each and every moment is nothing less than a gift. If you have the opportunity to meet and work with Stas, take it, it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Leesa Vreugde, Director of Agent Development and Leadership Coach at Ocean Pacific Realty

Coaching with Stas on this has been a profound journey of self-discovery and improvement.

As a leader, it's especially important to have a clean inner world from which we shape the outer one. Coaching with Stas on this has been a profound journey of self-discovery and improvement - especially considering the short time time investment it takes. I've become aware of irrational paradoxes in my own mind and been able to clarify values that are taking me and my business, unrestrained, to the next level.

John Uke, CEO & Founder
of GameTree

"My Level of Kickassetry"went from steady, linear growth, to exponential!

I found a really interesting graph I made for myself in a journal entry from a few months ago. It compared, "My Level of Kickassetry," over time. There is a distinct deflection point in the graph, when it went from steady, linear growth, to an exponential trend that looks something like the singularity. Now, I will give myself some credit for this change, but since this is a review of Stas Gromin and not one about myself, it's worth pointing out that this deflection point was damningly close to when I first started working with Stas.

What Stas does is difficult to describe. I've had a few moments where I have failed to do so for people who ask. But I think what it boils down to is Stas is a genuinely kind, goofy, and wise person who will believe in you like nobody else will. He will challenge you, and will not hesitate to point out when you're full of crap. But he will also be proud of you, and crystalize those thoughts that fling around your mind at sixteen hundred kilometers an hour.

If you want to be your most authentic self, and know you could use some help to get there, consider Stas. If it means something to you, I live in a garage, actively losing money every month. And I still pay Stas.

W.D., CEO & Founder of tech startup



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