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Every human is a powerful being. Our power is beyond what we could ever imagine. This power can never be taken away from us.

Entrepreneurs are the creators of the new world. You are in a position to bring powerful change in the world, create a positive impact, and elevate all humanity.

Your success is defined by your mindset. At the core of success, high performance and wellbeing is our ability to change our mindset that is the way we think, feel and interpret the world. When you are in alignment with your authentic self your life and business in the state of flow.

I hold people as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I believe that people are the expert of their own lives and have all the right answers within their own WISE self.

One conversation and insight can change everything. When you have an insight, you begin to see your inner world differently. When you see your inner world differently, your outer world changes.





For five years, I immersed myself in the world of personal and professional development including intensive coaching and leadership trainings. For the first time in my entrepreneur journey, I started to enjoy every moment of my life. My business became a place to share my passions, live my purpose, and connect with likeminded people. I discovered how to create a business and life that is fully aligned with who I am, making me more productive and happier than ever, while sharing this new way of achieving success with other entrepreneurs.


Striking gold at a young age was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I discovered that money wasn’t everything. I was unhappy, overworked, exhausted, unfulfilled and had few true friends. Every day I stepped toward more profits I stepped away from my true self.


I realized that to continue on this path would be to waste my life. To live my full potential, I knew I had to stop the grind and start exploring my passions: helping people grow and elevating consciousness on the planet. It was time to leave behind the money-making machines and build a business that has both profit and purpose.


At age 33 I reached the pinnacle of my entrepreneur success: my third business venture employed 100 staff, doubled in size every month, and revenue grossed $1 million per month. On paper, I was a success. In reality, I was lost.

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I’m a Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program

(two years of in-person training).

I also received my certification as a Professional Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).




I have had the privilege to coach inspiring entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and creatives at different stages of their leadership journey.


Passionate about helping leaders to create a positive impact through business, I served on a board of Conscious Capitalism and continue to support the movement for creating a business as a force for good in the world.


I have created a work life balance that supports my passions in work and play. I love exploring beautiful nature spots with my wife Sylvia, doing polar bear swims in the ocean, and leading community events. I fill up on my inspiration through exploring ruins of ancient civilizations and mystical sites around the world.


Prior to coaching, I was an entrepreneur for over a decade and founded several companies in IT services and luxury travel industries. My formative years were spent in Russia near the Black Sea and I immigrated to the United States after getting my degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.


I bring a reliable and proven process to get you to a higher level of performance, well-being and leadership. My approach combines logical, intuitive, and emotional intelligence to help you connect with abundant inner resources.



As your guide and thinking partner, my deepest intention is to:

  • Champion you toward YOUR greatness

  • Give straight feedback

  • Help you create accountability 

  • Ask powerful questions

  • Be an empowering listener

  • Help you hear and see true yourself 

The Coaching Relationship is a sacred and powerful ritual that is: 

  • Structured, organic and customized for you

  • A safe place for you to express your true self and grow

  • Designed for you to experience breakthroughs in how you show up as a leader and make an impact in the world

  • A partnership to co-create opportunities and realize your dreams


My Training & Methodology Includes:

  • Co-Active Coaching and Leadership framework

  • CBT and Mindfulness-Based Techniques

  • Body-Oriented Techniques

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ)

  • Performance Science and Strength Theory

  • B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science

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After working with me clients have experienced results such as:



  • Increased Productivity and EffectivenessI

  • Enhanced Relationships with Employees and Business Partners

  • Increased Leadership Presence and Emotional Intelligence

  • Increased Collaboration and Team Unity

  • Able to set and achieve goals

  • Realizing key decisions and getting breakthroughs

  • Ease in navigating change and transition

  • Connection to your Purpose and Vision

  • Feeling of Confidence, Fulfillment and Success

  • Better Balance and Boundaries

  • Deeper and Healthier relationships with family and friends

  • Feeling Peace of Mind and Wellbeing

  • Become more resilient and mentally strong

  • Feeling better physically and emotionally




As a leader, it's especially important to have a clean inner world from which we shape the outer one. Coaching with Stas on this has been a profound journey of self-discovery and improvement - especially considering the short time time investment it takes. I've become aware of irrational paradoxes in my own mind and been able to clarify values that are taking me and my business, unrestrained, to the next level.

John Uke, CEO & Founder of GameTree

Located at:

995 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Working with clients globally.


If you are ready to grow your leadership and amplify your impact, let's connect. During our 25-min call you will get more clarity for what you want to create next and discover if we are a fit.

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